Solid Ground Cafe Local Art Program

Solid Ground Cafe, Mission Hill’s newest independent coffee shop located on 742 Huntington Ave (Brigham Circle), seeks local artists to showcase their work in our bright new space.

Artwork will be exhibited in two-month cycles marked by a special “launch day” for all featured artists. Art in 2D is generally preferred, with possibility of accommodating small-medium 3D work. Artists may submit a series of work. Artists may also submit group proposals. Artists agree to loan work either for showcase or TBD consignment. SGC team can assist with installed of pieces, as needed.

The mission of the Solid Ground Cafe Art program is to provide an art space for the Mission Hill community and award showing opportunities to local artists of all stages; from the novice, to the emerging to the well-established. Partnering with individual artists, organizations and businesses, Solid Ground Cafe strives to make art accessible for all while creating a more vibrant and colorful Mission Hill.

Please submit your proposal to art@solidgroundcafe.com. Please include:

·      Name(s) & brief bio

·      Phone number

·      Brief description of artwork (medium, dimensions, concept)

·      Photos of work

For questions, please contact Lucia at art@solidgroundcafe.com.